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Car Parts Explained: The Catalytic Converter

Thanks to the Clean Air Act, vehicles today have a number of features that improve performance and reduce toxic emissions. One of the most vital parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system is the catalytic converter. For Kearns car repair related to all things exhaust, you can trust the experts at Master Muffler. What is a Catalytic Converter? A catalytic converter and a muffler may resemble one another, but they perform different functions within your [...]

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Common Car Warning Lights and What They Mean

When we take a look back at our time in Driver’s Ed, what are the lessons that stand out the most? Perhaps when the instructor took the class on a walk around the driving range so they could point out the various actions being tested by the lines and signage. Or maybe when students learned about vehicle size, rate of speed, and inertia, prompting them to think about pressing on the brake early in [...]

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The Science of Petroleum

The Kearns car repair experts at Master Muffler want to help you understand the science of petroleum, and how it works not just in your car, but in the world around you. What is Petroleum? Also known as fossil fuel, petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons and is a naturally occurring crude oil. The common elements found in petroleum include carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. Other elements include nickel and vanadium. Petroleum comes [...]

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Motor Oil Breakdown

Have you ever given much thought to the oil you put in your car? Do you even remember to periodically check your levels? There are a few things to consider when topping up your oil, and Kearns Master Muffler is here to help. Whether you change your car’s oil yourself or leave it to the Kearns car repair experts, it’s important to know what type of motor oil your engine requires. Your car’s owner’s [...]

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Car Repairs to Do Yourself – And What to Leave to the Experts

You can trust Kearns Master Muffler car repair technicians to get the job done right. But what can you do yourself, and what should you leave to the experts? Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself Tire Change Hopefully, as a teen driver, you were taught how to change a tire. It’s a useful skill all motorists should know how to tackle on their own. You only need a few tools to change a flat: [...]

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Most Common Auto Repairs

Owning a car is not unlike being the parent of a child: having one in your life is a privilege; it creates an instant demand to live responsibly; it requires an observant and vigilant eye to spot abnormalities in its health, and any problems should be looked after by an experienced professional. Like a baby who lives according to a strict schedule, car owners must be diligent in getting their car to Master Muffler [...]

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Automotive Basics: The Brake System

The average car weighs around 2,800 pounds and can, on average, reach speeds of well over 100 miles per hour. With such momentum, it must require a considerable amount of force to bring such an object to a stop— and it does. In our cars, the mechanisms tasked with facilitating such a process are components of the brake system and are fundamental to the operation of the vehicle. Cars use hydraulic brakes which means [...]

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Automotive Basics: Common Car Parts and Their Functions

We see cars every day, all around us. When we hop into our vehicles and start the engine, we rarely think twice about the intricate whirlwind of components and technologies that afford us the locomotion we rely on so heavily. Cars are complex machines and although it isn’t necessary for the everyday driver to know the ins and outs of each individual car part, it is helpful to know some basics. As leading auto [...]

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Car Fluid Basics

When you learned to drive a car, you probably had someone tell you it’s important to check the oil and “top off the fluids” every now and then. But what fluids were they talking about? We’re glad you turn to us for your oil change, brake inspections, alignments and engine trouble. But, we’d like to give you some insight into the various car fluids so you can avoid coming in for preventable problems. What [...]

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