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Common Problems That Require Engine Repair

We’ve all been there before: your car starts making a faint, funny sound and you start praying it will go away on its own and turn out to be nothing. The next thing you know, you’re broken down on the side of the road or stuck in the driveway when you should be leaving for work. The best way to avoid breakdowns is to learn what the most common engine problems are and how [...]

By |2022-07-03T21:17:17+00:00July 9, 2022|Engine Repair|Comments Off on Common Problems That Require Engine Repair

Preparing Your Car For Winter

The winter months can be tough on vehicles. Car batteries drain faster in the cold. Cars can get bogged down in slush, sleet, and snow. Not to mention how dirty your car gets after driving around with snow and dirt getting kicked up off the road. Preparing your car for winter doesn’t have to be hard, it can be a very easy process that keeps you driving and on the road. Throw on your [...]

By |2022-06-20T18:29:59+00:00June 20, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Preparing Your Car For Winter

Breaking In New Brakes

So you've just replaced your brakes at Master Muffler at Kearns. You might think your work here is done! But one thing we always like to remind our clients is that there is another vital step after brake replacement: breaking in or "bedding" your new brakes. Whether you've just replaced the brake pads, rotors, or the complete braking system, breaking in your brakes will extend their overall lifespan and improve performance. Thankfully, bedding brakes [...]

By |2022-06-08T22:04:14+00:00May 11, 2022|Brakes|Comments Off on Breaking In New Brakes

Conventional or Synthetic: Which Oil Should You Choose?

There are minor and significant differences between a standard conventional oil and a newer synthetic oil. Of course, both oils have unique benefits, but how do you know which one is right for your car? Going With Synthetic There is a list of benefits to synthetic oil, but let’s go deeper into what those benefits mean. Performs better in a broader temperature range Both conventional and synthetic oil is refined to create the proper [...]

By |2022-04-19T22:57:32+00:00April 12, 2022|Oil|Comments Off on Conventional or Synthetic: Which Oil Should You Choose?

Key Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Do you know what you should be doing for your car to avoid more costly repairs down the road? Get to Know Your Vehicle Just like annual checkups for yourself, routine checkups for your car can help catch problems before they get unmanageable, or more expensive. Here’s what the auto repair team at Kearns Master Muffler recommends for keeping your car in tip-top shape. Kick the Tires This phrase is usually said in jest [...]

By |2022-03-23T22:10:09+00:00March 11, 2022|Preventative Maintenance|Comments Off on Key Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

We all know we shouldn’t drink and drive, but what other tips should we follow to stay safe on the road? The Kearns car repair team at Master Muffler suggests the following for driving safely and keeping your car in working order for each trip you take. Be a Safe Driver Besides buckling up every passenger in your vehicle, you can practice being a safe driver by eliminating distractions, following road rules, and always [...]

By |2021-12-24T02:24:12+00:00January 3, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

How to Recharge Your Own A/C

Keeping Cool Under Pressure Owning a car means needing to make peace with a certain amount of maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Car repairs happen; the only question, really, is determining when the issue is big enough to warrant bringing the vehicle to our Master Muffler car repair center in Kearns. Luckily, there are a number of problems that can be handled on your own, if you’re feeling adventurous. By cruising around [...]

By |2021-12-13T00:52:35+00:00December 13, 2021|Automotive Info|Comments Off on How to Recharge Your Own A/C

Five Signs You Need New Tires

Respecting the Mileage In terms of the parts of a car, it doesn’t get more fundamental than the tires. After all, ever since we were children we’ve been singing about the wheels on the bus or how the Batmobile lost its wheels, while as adults we see rims as a new arena of self-expression.  The plain fact is that no matter how much chrome we pile on those hubcaps, or whether they spin, or [...]

By |2021-11-11T19:25:37+00:00November 11, 2021|Tires|Comments Off on Five Signs You Need New Tires

Car Parts Explained: The Catalytic Converter

Thanks to the Clean Air Act, vehicles today have a number of features that improve performance and reduce toxic emissions. One of the most vital parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system is the catalytic converter. For Kearns car repair related to all things exhaust, you can trust the experts at Master Muffler. What is a Catalytic Converter? A catalytic converter and a muffler may resemble one another, but they perform different functions within your [...]

By |2021-10-09T21:57:25+00:00October 7, 2021|Safety and Emissions|Comments Off on Car Parts Explained: The Catalytic Converter

Common Car Warning Lights and What They Mean

When we take a look back at our time in Driver’s Ed, what are the lessons that stand out the most? Perhaps when the instructor took the class on a walk around the driving range so they could point out the various actions being tested by the lines and signage. Or maybe when students learned about vehicle size, rate of speed, and inertia, prompting them to think about pressing on the brake early in [...]

By |2021-09-13T16:01:25+00:00September 7, 2021|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Common Car Warning Lights and What They Mean
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