Five Signs You Need New Tires

Respecting the Mileage In terms of the parts of a car, it doesn’t get more fundamental than the tires. After all, ever since we were children we’ve been singing about the wheels on the bus or how the Batmobile lost its wheels, while as adults we see rims as a new arena of self-expression.  The plain fact is that no matter how much chrome we pile on those hubcaps, or whether they spin, or [...]

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What Is the Point of Tire Rotations?

When you take your car in for a tire rotation, each tire and wheel is removed from the axel and set to be at the same position. For some tires, it may be necessary to weight them to maintain alignment. During this trip, you will also have your air pressure checked. Tire rotations ensure that the front and rear axles of your vehicle are aligned with all 4 tires on your vehicle, so that [...]

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