Owning a car is not unlike being the parent of a child: having one in your life is a privilege; it creates an instant demand to live responsibly; it requires an observant and vigilant eye to spot abnormalities in its health, and any problems should be looked after by an experienced professional. Like a baby who lives according to a strict schedule, car owners must be diligent in getting their car to Master Muffler for regular maintenance so that its performance isn’t hampered in the long run. 

As each year passes and drivers continue to take their cars to auto repair shops for scheduled maintenance, interesting statistics start to emerge. A recent study has found that among the list of grievances brought to mechanics on a given day, a few regulars consistently stand out from the crowd. 

The Usual Suspects

These frequent car repair “perpetrators” range from the understandably banal to the curiously obscure. Knowing what they are can help you keep a special eye on how these systems are performing and put their maintenance on a special cadence if needed.

  1. Oil and Oil Filter Change. Perhaps the most common reason people take their vehicles to the auto repair shop, changing the motor oil frequently is essential to the healthy performance of your car. The oil in your engine keeps the machine parts spinning easily, while the filter strains the oil of tiny particles like rocks and dirt that could harm the engine’s delicate surfaces.
  2. Air Filter Replacement. Much like how the oil filter removes harmful particulates that would otherwise score and wear down the engine, the air filter cleans the air that goes into the internal combustion engine before it combines with the fuel to create the propellant explosion that moves the car. Taking a quick glance at a long-used air filter will show everything from bugs to leaves to dirt, trapped in the filter before any damage could be done.
  3. Tire Replacement. Oh, fudge! There is nothing fun about having to replace the tires, especially since they are routinely sold in groups of four and can quickly inflate the cost of an unexpected auto repair visit. Planning ahead to buy the right tires for the right time of the year can be a great preventative measure from having to replace tires unexpectedly. There are all sorts of tires made to work better in summer, winter, snow, or for different makes.
  4. Electrical Replacement. With so many parts in the car relying on electricity to run properly, it’s no surprise that replacing components of the electrical system would rank high in auto repair visits. Whether that’s getting a new battery or swapping out the spark plug wiring, the professionals at the Kearns Master Muffler can fix any electrical issue that will come up.
  5. Catalytic Converter Replacement. One of the most common parts to repair is also one of the most essential. The catalytic converter is another component meant to filter the air﹘this time the polluted emissions being expelled from the car﹘so that fewer harmful substances make it back into the ozone. The catalytic converter is directly tested each year when a safety and emissions test is performed to qualify you to extend your registration of the vehicle.

Honorable Mention

Windshield Wiper Blades

Another “so simple, yet easy to forget” component that should be replaced fairly regularly. The windshield wipers don’t feel nearly as essential until they stop working and then they’re the only things that matter in a rainstorm. Make sure to replace them before they’re really needed.

When it comes to keeping your car well maintained, you might find a few regular repairs continue to creep to the top of the “to-do list.” Like taking care of a baby that needs to be fed and bathed each day, cars have their regular upkeep tasks that must be observed. The professionals at the Kearns Master Muffler will see them done, quickly and with a smile.