Preventative Maintenance

Caring For Your Transmission

Your transmission is an extremely important part of your vehicle. It is what transmits the power from your engine to your drive mechanism. Without your transmission, your vehicle would simply not function. It is also extremely expensive to repair or replace. For these reasons, it is important that you take the steps necessary to car for your transmission so that it serves your vehicle for as long as it possibly can. The first important [...]

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Utah Auto Repair Software Advances

There are a lot of advantages of using modern computer software systems at Utah auto repair shops. It allows them to stay up to date with the entire industry. It also makes it easier for mechanics to find things, rather than have to search through a 500 page repair manual. The electronic age is definitely here. The Utah auto repair industry is taking advantage of the electronic age and is one of the largest [...]

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Cleaning Car Regularly Keeps Resale Value High

When I was little one of my chores was cleaning our family van. I got paid $1.00, which I felt was very generous when I was 10 years old. As I grew older, however, the prospect of the weekly car-washing was getting a little less exciting. I decided to come up with a plan. I would tell my dad that it wasn't actually necessary for me to clean the car. Wasn't that what rain [...]

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The Importance of a Clean Car

It is also nice to have a clean car when you take it in to get fixed at a Utah auto repair shop. The mechanics at the Utah auto repair shop will be working with your car. Utah auto repair shops are not responsible for any items left in your car, so its best to just have it clean before you take it in.

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How to Use a Car Jack

We all know that jacks are helpful for changing a tire. But they can also be great to use when changing your oil and performing other repairs and maintenance items. You can save money by performing your own basic repairs and maintenance items and only taking your vehicle to a Utah auto repair shop for major repairs. The reliability of vehicles has drastically improved over the years, meaning you probably won’t be getting under [...]

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